Last Updated 6/5/2024

The Metasonics lab has multiple fully funded Ph.D. opportunities under the supervision of Dr. Ahmed Allam in the general field of dynamic systems with a focus on multiphysics design, acoustics, sensors, and piezoelectric materials.

You will develop new acoustic systems for multiple applications, including nuclear waste monitoring, biomedical imaging, and underwater sensing. You will team up with Metasonics lab members and external collaborators to design and build solutions for transmitting power and data to IoT sensors using acoustic waves. This includes designing batteryless wireless sensors that are powered using sound and analyzing their deployment in challenging environments, for example, in the ocean, to develop the underwater Internet of Things. 

Our lab combines a practical hands-on approach to testing our systems with a strong theoretical understanding of the multiple physical domains involved (acoustic, mechanical, electrical, piezoelectric, and thermal). We use multiphysics finite element and analytical models to optimize our designs and then roll our sleeves to build and validate our prototypes experimentally. To build an acoustic system, we (1) design the transducers (piezoelectric/electromagnetic) that convert electrical signals to acoustic waves, (2) build new devices to control how the acoustic waves propagate in space (e.g. acoustic lenses), and (3) design and integrate the software and electronics for driving the transducers and capturing received signals. 

You are NOT expected to have worked directly with acoustic systems before, but the following essential skills are desired:

Additionally, Metasonics Ph.D. students typically have a strong background in ONE of these skills, some familiarity with another skill, and a desire to learn about a third skill or more:

You do NOT need to have a Master's degree to be admitted to the UC Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. program. 

Potential starting dates include Summer 2024, Fall 2024, and Spring 2025, depending on your individual circumstances.

To apply, please send your CV to Prof. Ahmed Allam at Please include a brief paragraph about how your previous experiences align with the research done at the Metasonics lab.